The Basic 30cm Tower for Eurotruss FD34 Ground Supports and Roofs

The ground support tower FD34 makes for an excellent vertical truss that allows the safe, quick lifting regularly loaded horizontal truss constructions (riggs) and small to medium-sized platform roofs to their service height.
The straight elements of the tower consist of FD34 Standard Truss, allowing a variety of combinations.
This system is compatible with the type FD34 Basement (Touring, Professional and Small Base), Hinge Section, Sleeveblock and the Top Section.
In terms of statics, ground support towers, in indoor applications, are exposed to negligible flexural strain but primarily to pressure strain.
In outdoor use, on the other hand, the tower is exposed to very high flexural strain due to the coverings or roof.

Technical Specifications

Max. Height: 12m
Max Loading: 1000 kg
Tower Truss: FD34
Sleeve Block and XD Truss: FD34, HD34
Self Weight: 65 ~ 85 kg


Top Section:
FD34 Top Sections are available for manual or electrical chain hoist.
(Recommendation: always use a safety cable (between top section and sleeve block)

FD34 Sleeves are available with various attachments and suitable for several truss types, strong and safe with perfect
chosen dimensions to combine standard truss elements.