700 kg on a height of maximum 7,5m

Eurotruss designed the HD34 PA Tower in order to fly light duty PA System.
The load bearing capacity is 700 kg on a maximum height of 7,5m.
The V-shaped PA tower is based on standard HD34 Truss elements.

Technical Specifications

Max. overall height: 7,94mtr
Max.lifting height: 7,50mtr
Max. loading capacity: 700kg
Neccessary ballast: : 510kg
Max. windspeed: 8Bft - 70km/hrs
Max. surface frontload: 3 m2
Max. surface sideload: 2,5 m2
Truss sections used: HD34
Groundarea length:: 3.97 m
Groundarea width: 4,00 m