The Eurotruss medium duty Beetle-Roofs

The Beetle Roofs 8x6m and 8x4m consist of FD33 triangular arches in the roof which fit to the main rig of FD34 square truss by using a few special corners.

The legs are standard FD34 square truss mounted on special adjustable base plates.
Beetle Roofs are standard 8m wide and available in two different depth, 4m and 6m.

Between the arches standard hook on bars are required for extra stability and support the canopy. Structural report accordingly the DIN 4112 regulations is available.
The Beetle Roof is in many occassions the perfect solution by its low self weight, minimum volume, fast set-up and nice appearance.
* Also available in HD Series

Beetle Roof 8x4m / 8x6m  Technical Specifications
Loading Capacity Roof UDL:450 kgs  Structure:FD34 Truss and FD33 Arches
Total self weight app.:550 kgs  Size:8x6m / 8x4m
Max. Wind Force:8 Bft  Towers:FD34 29x29cm
Max. Wind Speed:72 km/hrs  Main Grid:FD34 29x29cm
   Roof Structure:FD33 Arches
   Stage:PA wings and Canopy

Beetle Roof Dimensions8x6m8x4m
Inside Roof:8,2x 6,9m8,2x 4,9m
Outside Roof:8,8x 6,9m8,8x 4,9m
Tower height:3,81m3,81m
Rooftop height:4,81m4,81m