The Eurotruss medium duty Sattle Roof

The Sattle Roof 10x8m is based on a standard FD34 Ground Support. As the Ground Support and additional Roof structure is mainly build out of standard FD34 elements, only a few special roof parts are required. The Sattle Roof is standard 10m wide and 8m deep. In some countries the regulations allow a mobile structure without a permit (Bau Buch) when the dimensions do not exceed 75m2 and 5m height.

The Eurotruss Sattle Roof 10x8m stays beneed these dimensions and so no Bau Buch is required.
Naturally a structural report accordingly the DIN 4112 regulations is available. The Sattle Roof can be lifted motorized or by manual hoists. The total roof includes guy wires, structural reports and manual.
* Also available in HD Series
* PA Wings are available

Sattle Roof10x8m Technical Specifications
Loading Capacity Roof UDL:~1100 kgs  Structure:FD34 Towers and FD34
Total self weight app.:980 kgs  Size:10x8m
Max. Wind Force:8 Bft  Towers:FD34 Tower GS
Max. Wind Speed:72 km/hrs  Main Grid:FD34 29x29cm
   Roof Structure:FD34 29x29cm
   Stage:PA wings and Canopy

Sattle Roof Dimensions10x8m
Inside Roof:10,2x7,8m
Outside Roof:10,8x7,8m
Tower height:5,66m
Rooftop height:6,27m