The Eurotruss medium duty Sattle Roof

The Sattle Roof 12x10m is based on a HD34 Ground Support Tower and HD44 Main Rig. The main roof structure is made of HD34 and the roof support gables are made of HD33. The Sattle Roof is standard 12m wide and 10m deep.

The combination of HD34 Towers and HD44 Main Rig with a HD34/ HD33 Roof Structure ensures a relative high load bearing capacity.
This combination guarantees a low transport an storage volume and a fair price.

The Sattle Roof can be lifted motorized or by manual hoists. The total roof includes guy wires, structural reports and manual.
* PA Wings are available

Sattle Roof12x10m Technical Specifications
Loading Capacity Roof UDL:~1.800 kgs  Structure:HD34 Towers, HD44 GS
Loading Capacity PA Wings CPL:2x 1000 kgs  Size:13m x 11 m
Total self weight app.:~ 2.100 kgs  Towers:HD34 Towers
Max. Wind Force:8 Bft  Main Grid:HD44 Truss 40cm x 40cm
Max. Wind Speed:72 km/hrs  Roof Structure:HD44/HD34/FD33
   Stage:PA wings and Canopy

Sattle Roof Dimensions12x10m
Inside Roof:12,3x11m
Outside Roof:13x11m
Tower height:7,94m
Rooftop height:8,59m