ST Pro Roof on 6 Towers

The ST Pro Roofs consist of a ST Ground Supports on six TD35 Towers and a Roof Structure of ST Truss.

All the ST Roofs are developed to make a standard roof with impressive load bearing capacity and using mainly standard truss elements.
The ST Pro Roofs are standard available in 14x12m, 16x12m, 18x14m and 20x14m.

Those roofs are constructed on six TD35 Towers and ST Truss in the main rig and roof structure. The gables between the ST front, centre and back gable are FD43 lengths to support the top canopy.
The canopy is tightened with tubes and ratchet straps.

The total roof includes guy wires, structural reports and manual. The ST Pro Roofs can be re-build in various dimensions.
* PA Wings are available

ST Pro Roof14x12m / 16x12m Technical Specifications
 18x14m / 20x14m  
Loading Capacity Roof UDL:10250 kgs  Structure:TD35 Towers and ST GS
Loading Capacity PA Wings CPL:2x 1000 kgs  Size:20x14m, 18x14m, 16x12m, 14x12m
Total self weight app.:6000 kgs  Towers:TD35 Tower GS
Max. Wind Force:10 Bft  Main Grid:ST 50x50cm
Max. Wind Speed:100 km/hrs  Roof Structure:ST 50x50cm
Walls (side/back) must be removed if  Stage:PA wings and Canopy
Wind Speed exceeds 72 km/hrs  

XT Beetle Roof Dimensions20x14m18x14m16x12m14x12m
A: Inside Roof:21x13,7m19x13,7m17x11,7m15x11,7m
B: Outside Roof:21,7x13,7m19,7x13,7m17,7x11,7m15,7x11,7m
C: Clearance:10,87m10,87m10,87m10,87m
D: Tower height:12,49m12,49m12,49m12,49m
E: Rooftop height:14,12m13,87m13,37m13,12m
F: Outside incl. PA:31,07m29,07m27,07m25,07m
G: PA-Wing:4,00m4,00m4,00m4,00m