XT Beetleoof of 22x15m on 8 Towers

The XT Beetle Roof consist of a XT Ground Supports on six TD44 Towers and a Roof Structure of Curved HD44 and HD42 elements. The XT Beetle Roof can be equipped with PA wings or PA houses. The XT Beetle Roof is available in 22x15m.

This roof is constructed on six TD44 Towers and XT Truss in the main rig with many HD44 and HD42 curved roof gables.
The curved XT Beetle Roof has an impressive load bearing capacity.

The total roof includes guy wires, structural reports and manual.
* PA Wings are available

XT Beetle Roof  Technical Specifications
Loading Capacity Roof UDL:8.500 kg  Structure:TD44 Towers, XT GS
Loading Capacity PA Wings CPL:2x 2.000 kg  Size:22m x15m
Total self weight app.:~8.000 kgs  Towers:TD44 Tower GS
Max. Wind Force:up to 11 Bft  Main Grid:XT Truss 81x58cm
Max. Wind Speed:100 km/hrs  Roof Structure:HD44 and HD42
Walls (side/back) must be removed if  Stage:PA wings and Canopy
Wind Speed exceeds 72 km/hrs  

XT Beetle Roof Dimensions22x15m
Inside Roof:21,1 x 14,8m
Outside Roof:22,1 x 14,8m
Tower height:13,94m
Rooftop height:14,92m