Truss Systems - FD25 Truss series


Tolerance free conical connector

Wall thickness for main tubes of 2mm

Perfect for small loads, screens and banners

Light, small and space saving

Visual impact

Also available in various lengths

TuV approved

FD25 is the ultimate solution for decorative purposes as stands for exhibitions and retail products

Its visual impact provides the perfect frame to enhance product image without compromizing from its load bearing capacity and rigidity.

Due to its triangular shape, visual impact and low dead weight the perfect truss solution for framing banners, posters and screens.

Made with the fast connection system and approved according the DIN 4113 specifications by the TUV.

Loadcases FD25
Length (m)2345678
CPL in kg39626119315112210286
Deflection (mm)24812182532
UDL in kg/mtr3961749660412921
Deflection (mm)261015223039
Measurements FD25
Main tube:50x 2mm
Braces: 12mm massive
Material:AlMgSi 1 F 31
Weight:~3.5 kg/m

FD25 series allow a wide variety of structural shapes on two levels by using corners, cross-pieces and tees (all available with down attachments)

Optically and statically adapted to fit the straight elements.

Notice that the sizes of the FD25 Corners are different and smaller than the corners of the FD Truss Series.

Measurement Corners for FD25
CornerSize in cm
9037,5 x 37,5
T-joint50 x 37,5
X-joint50 x 50
D9037,5 x 37,5
90 + D37,5 x 37,5
T-joint + D50 x 37,5
X-joint + D50 x 50