Truss Systems - HD32 / FD32 Ladderbeam


Increased wall thickness for main tubes of 3mm

Increased loading compared to FD32 (up to 50%)

Compatible with HD34


Tolerance free conical connector

Wall thickness for main tubes of 2mm

Compatible with FD34

Also available in any non-standard length and shape

TuV approved

HD32 / FD32 guarantees optimum load bearing capacity up to spans of 8m

HD32/ FD32 straight elements lend themselves to use as span exposed to bending stress, cantilevered up to 4m or supported up to 8m.

Combined with HD34 / FD34 they possess a broad range of applications.

Made with the fast connection system and approved according the DIN 4113 specifications by the TUV.

Loadcases HD32                       ...every 1,1m supported:
Length (m)234 45678
CPL in kg35510341 633504418355309
Deflection (mm)111 1218253545
UDL in kg/m3556921 2661691178565
Deflection (mm)111 1422324357
Measurements HD32
Main tube:50x 3mm
Braces:20x 2mm
Material:AlMgSi 1 F 31
Weight:~4 kg/m
Loadcases FD32                       ...every 1,1m supported:
Length (m)234 45678
CPL in kg3389839 506403334284247
Deflection (mm)111 1117243343
UDL in kg/m3386620 2531611118162
Deflection (mm)111 1321304154
Measurements FD32
Main tube:50x 2mm
Braces:20x 2mm
Material:AlMgSi 1 F 31
Weight:~3 kg/m

The HD32 / FD32 series allow a wide variety of structural shapes in one level by using corners, cross-pieces and tees.

Optically and statically adapted to fit the straight elements.

HD32 / FD32 System is suitable for using in a horizontal and in a vertical way. The load capacity is identical.

Measurement Corners for HD34 / FD34
CornerSize in cm
45100 x 100
60100 x 100
9050 x 50
12050 x 50
13550 x 50
T-joint50 x 50
X-joint50 x 50
Cornerblock90 in 4 dir