HD33 / FD33 Triangle Truss two tubes up


Increased wall thickness for main tubes of 3mm

Increased loading compared to FD33 (up to 50%)


Tolerance free conical connector

Wall thickness for main tubes of 2mm

Also available in any non-standard length and shape TuV approved

HD33 / FD33 with excellent load capacity on free spans of 12m.

HD33 / FD33 straight elements lend themselves to use as span exposed to bending stress resistant span up to 12m.

HD33 using the 3mm wall thickness assures durability and extra strength. Designed for high frequency usage or installations, which demands higher loading.

Combined with HD34 / FD34, they posses a broad range of applications.

Made with the fast connection system and approved according the DIN 4113 specifications by the TUV.

Loadcases HD33
Length (m)46789101112
CPL in kg665434367315275242215192
Deflection (mm)1022303950627590
UDL in kg/mtr3321451057961483932
Deflection (mm)12273748617591108
Measurements HD33
Main tube:50x 3mm
Braces:20x 2mm
Material:AlMgSi 1 F 31
Weight:~5.5 kg/m
Loadcases FD33
Length (m)46789101112
CPL in kg438286240206179156138122
Deflection (mm)921294248607388
UDL in kg/mtr21995695340322621
Deflection (mm)12263648607391108
Measurements FD33
Main tube:50x 2mm
Braces:20x 2mm
Material:AlMgSi 1 F 31
Weight:~4.5 kg/m

These truss may also be The HD33 / FD33 series allow a wide variety of structural shapes in up to three levels by using corners, cross-pieces and tees (all available with down and up attachments)

Permitting almost limitless possibilities for the realization of creative ideas.

Optically and statically adapted to fit the straight elements.

Measurement Corners for HD33 / FD33
CornerSize in cm
45100 x 100
60100 x 100
9050 x 50
12050 x 50
13550 x 50
T-joint50 x 50
X-joint50 x 50
U9050 x 50
90+U50 x 50
50cm+U50 x 50
T-joint+U50 x 50 x 50
X-joint+U50 x 50 x 50
90+D+U50 x 50 x 50
T-joint+D+U50 x 50 x 50
50cm+D+U50 x 50
X-joint+D+U50 x 50 x 50
Swivel Corner0-180
Swivel Base0-180