Truss Systems - ST Rectangular Truss


Tolerance free connection with conical connector
High Stability aluminium alloy
Excellent load-bearing capacity combined with low dead weight
4mm Wall thickness of the main tube
Optimum dimensioning of all components
Optimum manufacturing quality
TuV approved
High wear resistance

The ST System meets the demand for a truss with a high load bearing capacity that lends itself to safe outdoor use, even at a free span of up to 24m at high load.

Due to the square profile geometry and the complete diagonal bracing, the ST Truss exhibits the same rigidity in vertical and in horizontal direction and can thus be used for huge spans in Rock and Roll Productions as support as well as Pre Rig.

The 4mm wall thickness reduces transportation damage and guarantees extreme durability.

Made with the fast connection system and approved according the DIN 4113 specifications by the TUV.

Loadcases ST
Length (m)1012141618202224
CPL in kg162913321117951820712621543
Deflection (mm)436284111141175214257
UDL in kg/mtr32622216011991715645
Deflection (mm)5376103135171211255303
Measurements ST TRUSS
Main tube:50x 4mm
Braces:30x 3mm
Material:AlMgSi 1 F 31
Connection:ST / TT / XT / FT
Weight:~13.5 kg/m

The universal corner block creates flexibility in making various shapes and structures.

The ST corner blocks have a standard bold on receiver attachment of a length of 85mm.

Measurement Corners for ST-System
CornerSize in cm
2-Way Cornerblock59.5 x 59.5
3-Way Cornerblock68 x 59.5
4-Way Cornerblock68 x 68
Cornerblock90 in 6 dir.