Truss Systems - XT Rectangular Truss


Tolerance free conical connector
High stability aluminium alloy
Excellent load bearing capacity
Low dead weight
High wear resistance
TuV approved
4mm Wall thickness of 50mm main tube

The XT Truss lends itself to use as bending resistant spans at a free span of 30m with extreme load bearing capacity. Due to its special shape and dimensions the XT Truss exhibits a great rigidity and can thus be used for long spans with high loadings. The 50x4mm tube reduces transportation damage and guarantees extreme durability.

Trussing with a big profile geometry have long braces which have a risk of bending. Therefore the necessity of using bracing with a bigger diameter. This causes other problems which needs to be considered.

The Eurotruss solution is welding a plate at the main tube in order to get the right position of the braces and solve the high tension caused by too much heat. This way of constructing is not new as in large steel structures this is a common way to construct.

Made with the fast connection system and approved according the DIN 4113 specifications by the TUV.

Loadcases XT
Length (m)1216202224262830
CPL in kg2234160412101061934823725637
Deflection (mm)3766105128154182213247
UDL in kg/mtr3492011219678635242
Deflection (mm)4381127153182214248285
Measurements XT
Main tube:50x 4mm
Braces:50x 40x / 30x 3mm
Material:AlMgSi 1 F 31
Connection:TT / XT / FT / ST
Weight:~20 kg/m

The XT structures on one level allows various structural shapes by using the XT Corner Block.

The XT corner block is made accordingly the strength requirements and optimum size to use the corner block also as sleeve blocks in XT Roofs Groundsupports.

The XT corner blocks have a standard bold on receiver attachment of a length of 85mm.

Measurement Corners for XT-System
CornerSize in cm
2-Way Cornerblock66.5 x 66.5
3-Way Cornerblock75 x 66.5
4-Way Cornerblock75 x 75
Cornerblock90 in 4 dir.